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​​The Dice Game Gambinos of Dice Game Entertainment, LLC owned 2016 with a hard hitting playlist, hype visuals, and widespread media promotion. 

The Gambinos just wrapped up volume two of the Fire Bet Crap Series. This is a collection of songs/stories that are heartfelt about group/personal daily dealings, as well as street drama, romance and entertainment. Yes, Gambinos are street bosses, but let it be known these bosses have/live normal lives also. 

The Gambinos like to relate to their fans, to let them know that everyone succeeds and everyone goes through trials and tribulations regardless of wealth or fame. We can all relate somehow, it may just be expressed differently. The music is real, it is gritty, authentic, and inspiring, it is a true representation of the artists as people because they are true to themselves and their craft.  

The newest visual is in the process of dropping.  It is a video for the single Go Dumb Dumb that displays the lavish lifestyle that street bosses are privileged to live.  There is no shortage of money, liquor and beautiful females all filmed in high stereo quality. 

The Gambinos were heavily promoted in the media in 2016.  Dozens of blogs, radio stations, and mixed tape sites featured articles and interviews about the group and newly released singles from the group. 

The group's sound, and image is unique.  It is easy to distinguish Dice Game from other artists on the scene today and that is how they like. it. The Gambinos want to be hometown favorites, iconic performers nationwide, and internationally recognized artists.  They have the skills and the follow through to make it happen.   

A major accomplishment of Dice Game Entertainment, LLC is the self-investment of the members into their own music and brand. They are bosses who have invested in themselves and they are determined to achieve their vision of making their stamp on the music industry.  They have put their money where their mouths are and will continue to do so. 

Fully understanding how difficult the music industry is to break into, the Gambinos are doing everything possible to firmly establish themselves as artists and then pave the way for other talented artists that are up and coming behind them, using their record label to provide pathways to achieve goals.

Dice Game is not just looking out for self, they are loyal.  They show love to each other and to their producer, engineer, and videographer.  Many performers skip around from person to person with no regard for the professional relationships that they misuse and damage. That is not how the Gambinos conduct business.  They are family oriented and have the philosophy that when they make it, everyone makes it because they are bringing their day ones along.

Dice Game Gambinos (formerly known as Hard Comn' Gs) was established in 2011.  Members of the group met through an outside mutual friend. In 2005 they started self-recording and producing their own music and formed Hard Comn' Gs which at the time consisted of four members. Keith Montgomery III, Shaun Yarborough, Markis Addison, and Victor Davis...In 2007 they attempted to distribute their first Sampler CD however they were unable to promote or start to brand the label. Due to some legal issues the group dispersed for four years.  Today with three of the original members  remaining (without Victor Davis) and after going through some trials and tribulations, Dice Game has decided to take it to another level "Nationally". 

The Gambinos have come from humble and trying beginnings, turned their lives around for the better, and are not going to stop reaching for the success that they see themselves being worthy and deserving of having.  

Support Dice Game Gambinos, purchase Gambinos' music, spin Gambinos' music in your clubs and on your radio stations, and step out to a performance near you.  Your support is appreciated.  

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Dice Game Gambinos

Saturday February 11, 2017
Mad Frog
1 E. McMillan Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
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Friday March 31, 2017
Anatomy Ultra Lounge

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